About The Mobile Movement

Welcome to The Mobile Movement.

We are living through a historic time in human communications. The ways that we connect to each other, to information, and to the physical world around us are changing at a truly breathtaking pace. And with it, life itself is changing as well.

Mobile technology is driving this movement forward.

Your mobile device is one part of it. It’s with you right now, probably right in the palm of your hand. It’s a well-designed mini computer, and a multimedia studio, and it’s even an old fashion regular telephone rolled into one. But your device is only one part of the equation.

Your mobile device is connected -- it is a networked device -- and without the network it would be just a lifeless object. The network is powering your little computer, connecting it in real time to your favorite websites, to the social platforms that you check into all day long, to the news, video, music and games that you love, and increasingly -- especially through the innovations in app technology -- to businesses and services that make your life more efficient, more interesting, and more complete.

Come here to see innovators, artists, collaborators, and students sharing stories about their networked lives, and take part in our interactive documentary about you, your phone, your life.

AT&T is supporting and celebrating this mobile movement. We are in this together; device, network and most importantly you. Over the next few days, here in Austin, we are elevating some examples of the mobile movement for you to experience. Welcome to a space of curiosity, of learning and of fun.

We are traveling across the country to discover the many faces of the mobile movement and document how it is changing our lives. Along the way we’ll share this story with you, learning from those we talk to, helping us to provide you with the service needed to do what you do and be who you are.

Follow our journey at #themobilemovement.


Mobilizing your world.